5 Tips to Improve the E-Commerce Customer Journey

Nowadays, there are many e-commerce websites that sell products to their customers. The E-commerce customer journey begins the moment a customer becomes aware of the brand. It also describes the experience of a customer with an online business platform. A smooth experience leads to positive customer feedback. 

The stages of the customer experience with an online platform are called the e-commerce customer journey.  Amazon, Flipkart etc provide goods/services directly to their customers. Based on the interactions with their websites, customers develop opinions. The developed opinions can be positive or negative. The stages of an e-commerce customer journey begin with awareness and ends in advocacy. 

  • Awareness: In this stage, the customer becomes aware of a brand. The awareness of a product can be from friends, social media etc. 
  • Consideration: Here, the customer thinks of whether or not to buy the product. This decision is based on the product specification, customer needs etc. 
  • Acquisition: After analyzing all the factors, customers proceed with the purchase. 
  • Retention: Here, the customers continue with the possession of the product. Once the customers love the product, they keep on buying the same product. 
  • Advocacy: When the customers are satisfied and happy with the purchase. They recommend the same products to others. This marks the support of the customers towards a specific brand. 

Customers are an important aspect of every business. It is important to satisfy customers in every way throughout the purchase. When a customer is happy, it impacts the business in multiple ways. 

The importance of e-commerce customer journey are : 

  • When the customers are satisfied, it contributes towards higher customer engagement. 
  • It increases brand loyalty. 
  • It helps customers in developing trust towards the brand. 
  • It also enables the customers to develop a positive image of the brand. 
  • Customers indirectly help in the promotion of a brand. 

5 tips to improve the e-commerce customer journey

Nowadays, there are many ways in which you can improve the customer journey. Google Analytics is one such tool. This tool helps to know the interaction of the customers on a website. The 5 ways to improve the e-commerce customer journey are: 

Usage of on-site marketing messages for urgency 

The on-site marketing messages are one of the important sales drivers. These messages create a sense of urgency among the customers. These messages show the customers how many products are left, how many viewed the products etc. This technique increases the fear of missing out among the customers. Which makes the customers purchase the products in less time. 

Enhance the social proof 

The addition of product reviews has a positive impact on customers. During the purchase, these reviews make the customers more confident. It is a technique of reassuring the customers about the purchase. This technique enables the website to increase its sales. It also contributes towards a happy and positive experience for the customers. 

Make use of countdown timers 

Every website offers sales during Diwali, Christmas, new year etc. During the time make sure to use countdown timers for the sales. Countdown timers help customers to have an idea of the sales. Such as when the end of the sale, the hours left, free delivery etc. This enables the customers to act fastly. It also acts as a reminder of the sensitive deals. Here, it is also possible to use promo codes to persuade potential customers. 

Use of abandonment SMS to recover sales

SMS can be used to recover online sales. When the customer adds a product to the cart and leaves the website. SMS can be used to remind them of the products in the cart. SMS can also be used for any promotional purposes. It can be used to promote new goods to existing customers. Sending SMS of the same product to the customers to tempt them more. Making use of SMS to send discount codes etc. 

Improve the user experience 

It is important to make sure that the customers have a positive experience. It is the responsibility of the website owner to create user-friendly applications. By providing the options such as autofill, pay later etc. Providing the EMI options will also increase sales. 

This creates flexibility within the customers. It also improves the engagement of the website. By doing this, the overall experience of a customer improves to a certain level. The above steps help an e-commerce company to improve the customer experience. 

The Bottomline 

The customer experience has a positive impact on the revenue of the firm. It is also important to ensure the customers are treated properly. Nowadays, there are many ways for an e-commerce platform to increase customer engagement. E-commerce websites are mainly for customers. It is important to create a user-friendly platform. Which makes it easy for the customers to use the website. 

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