Cart Abandonment SMS & WhatsApp: 12 Best Practice Tips

Cart Abandonment SMS/WhatsApp: 12 Best Practice Tips

Cart abandonment WhatsApp messages and SMS is useful tool for online businesses, since they may help them recover revenue from the 79% of visitors who abandon their carts without making a purchase.  Cart abandonment WhatsApp messages and SMS (also known as woocommerce cart recovery or retargeting WhatsApp messages and SMS) are automated communications delivered when … Read more

What Is The Best Time To Send WhatsApp & SMS Messages for Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce

Best Time To Send Messages for Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce-min

Abandoned Cart for Woocommerce WhatsApp message and SMS Campaign has proved to be one of the most profitable tools for online business owners. About 69.8% of shopping carts were abandoned online in December 2020 and this figure has been increasing rapidly. If you are an online retailer, you will be surprised to know that you … Read more

How To Recover Abandoned Carts Better Than Your Competitors?

Abandoned Carts Recover

Even if you’ve already checked your Shopify store’s failed checkout process under “Orders.” You might well be surprised at how high your basket abandonment rate is. According to Baymard, the typical web store’s cart abandonment rate is 69.23%.  Despite the massive quantity, abandoned carts can be recovered in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Cell phones account … Read more