How to generate CodeCanyon Whitelabel version

white label

Whitelabel version of Whatso allows you to resell the Whatso software with your own company and brand details. You need to follow the below steps. Here it is the simple 8 steps to How to generate CodeCanyon Whitelabel? Let’s start! Step 1:- Open Create White-label software and go to the “Create White-Label” Tab. Please fill in the … Read more

How to generate CodeCanyon licenses


After Downloading the CodeCanyon Project. Inside the folder. There is two software:- 1. Create White label software 2. Whatso Software. Follow the below process to generate CodeCanyon licenses: Let’s Begin! Step 1 Open the Whatso folder and run the Start-Whatso application. When you are a first-time login, the Activate Whatso screen will appear. You have … Read more