5 Tips to Improve the E-Commerce Customer Journey

Improve Customer Journey

Nowadays, there are many e-commerce websites that sell products to their customers. The E-commerce customer journey begins the moment a customer becomes aware of the brand. It also describes the experience of a customer with an online business platform. A smooth experience leads to positive customer feedback.  The stages of the customer experience with an … Read more

How to Update Whatso Software Chrome Driver

chrome driver

Step:1 Before updating the Chrome driver, we recommend you restart your PC. This may be required in case Chrome Driver is already running on your PC and might not allow you to update it manually. Step:2 Once you have restarted the PC, Please download the file from the below link: https://whatso.net/chromedrv/92/chromedriver.exe Step:3 Go to your … Read more

Comparison between different Plans of Whatso

comparison of plans

Whatso combines best-in-class Bulk WhatsApp Messaging, SMS Marketing software, and reporting in a single software. Many customers would want to know every detail about all the plans or how many plans are there? Or What is the price for different plans?  So in this blog, we have covered every detail about all the Pricing Plans. … Read more

How to purchase Whatso Software?

purchase software

Hey there, We are Whatso. Whatso helps businesses to connect with their customers through channels like Bulk WhatsApp Marketing & Bulk  SMS Software. It combines best-in-class SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Automation, and reporting in a single software. it provides a simple-to-use marketing automation software so that you can delight your customers with excellent service. Whatso is … Read more