Earn while you sleep with Whatso White label software

If you are given a choice to work a 9 – 5 and earn a specific income or earn unlimited income while sleeping, what would you choose? You can now do this with Whatso White Label software. Sleep, chill and relax while your bank balance keeps exploding.

So, What exactly is White Label Software?

A white label license from Whatso gives you the entire control and ownership of our Bulk WhatsApp sender software. This means that you can use this software in your company’s name or resell it to a third party for a price that you can customize and set the price for.

It all depends on what you want! You purchase this software from us and right there, you have a brand new license with lifetime access that you can use with your own name. Once you buy this, Whatso is no longer in the picture. It’s all yours! You can upload your logo and start selling this software to your customers. Get common answers about Our Software issues, errors, installation, code compiling, and other information about Whatso Application. Check out our Complete WhatsApp Marketing Software Documentation. And Our Pricing Plan.

Let’s take it from the top. Starting with the basics, we’ll help you step by step; right from setting up your account to helping you start selling your custom white label license. Do watch the video till the end so that you don’t miss out on anything important.

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How to buy the White Label Software?

It’s simple.

Step 1:

Click on Buy Now

Step 2:

Select the currency you would like to pay in  – USD OR INR

Step 3:

After this, select the plan you wish to purchase. In this case, it will be

‘White Label Software’.

Step 4:

Enter your email address.

Step 5:

Click on “BUY NOW’ or “ VIA PAYPAL” at your convenience.

Step 6:

Now, you will be redirected to this screen. Choose your preferred mode of payment.

Step 7:

Congrats! If you are on this screen, your payment was successful.

Now, let’s Download Our Free WhatsApp Marketing Tool Software. It’s time to own it!

How to download the White Label Software?

Now that you have purchased the White label software, it’s time to download it.

Step 1:

On your purchase screen, you will see a green button that says “DOWNLOAD NOW”. Click on this button. Your download will be initiated.

Step 2:

You have now reached a new screen. On this screen, click on “Download Source Code”.

Step 3:

Congrats, you have successfully moved one step forward to your goal. But, there are still a few steps left to activate this. So, what’s next?

How to activate the white label software?

So, let us simplify this down for you now.

Step 1:

Now once you have clicked on Download now, you will be redirected to this dashboard. This is what the page will look like.


Step 2:

Now, click on Download Software.

Step 3:

This is what the page will look like

Download Whatso Software

Step 4:

Now, you start entering your details. You need to scroll down until you can view this page.

Generate Whitelabel

Step 5:

Enter your company name.

Step 6:

Enter your website if applicable

Step 7:

Enter your theme color. You can change this as per your needs.

Step 8:

In the Software (EXE) Name, enter your company name again.

Step 9:

Upload your company logo with size 400 x 183

Step 10:

Upload company ICO or Icon of 35 x 35 size.

Step 11:

You are ready to download your software now.

Note: If you don’t upload your own icon and logo, this will take up the Whatso logo and ICO. Hence, to customize your own license, you need to upload your own logo and Icon.

What do If I don’t have the logo & Icon handy?

Most of the time, our users do not have their logo and icon ready during this process. In these cases, you should download the software only once you have your Logo & Icon ready. Once you have them handy, follow the process to get started

Step 1:

Visit www.whatso.net

Step 2:

On the right top corner of the screen, click on Login.

Step 3:

Log in with the same email address used during your purchase.

Step 4:

You will now receive a mail from Whatso with a link. This link will redirect you to the Download dashboard.

Step 5:

Check your SPAM Folder for our mail.

Step 6:

Now that you have returned to the dashboard screen, click on “Download Software” and complete your download process.

How can you sell this software?

Now that you have completed your download and have your own custom software with your logo and name, it’s now time to move on to the next process. You have two options now

  • You can keep this in your Google Drive link
  • You can upload this on your website

Once you get buyers, you can offer the software through your website. Alternatively, you can share the Google drive link where you have your software stored. After which, they can start using it once you generate their license.

How to generate a license?

To generate a license,

Step 1:

Click on download software. Scroll down till you see this section of the page

Generate Licence for Whitelabel customers

Step 2:

Click on Generate Licence.

Step 3: 

This is how the page will look

License Validation for Customers

Step 4:

Enter the start date of your license holder. Enter the same date as the date of purchase. If you wish to give lifetime access, enter an end date that is less than equal to 100 years.

Step 5:

To validate this, you need to enter the email address the same as the license holder entered at the time of purchase.

Step 6:

That’s it. Click on Save and you are good to go!

In the future, if you want to cancel the license of a user, click on the delete button next to their registered license email.

That’s it from our side! We wish you all the luck and hope you make the best out of our software. We have tried to answer all your questions. However, if you have any more questions regarding our software, you can check the FAQ links below. Thanks for watching!


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