Emerging Online Businesses That Can Benefit From SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is no longer a new concept. However, it is something a lot of businesses are still in the process of learning and implementing. Effective SMS marketing required a clear purpose and a developed strategy, and some types of organizations have been quicker to develop these things than others.

In particular, as one might imagine, it is sometimes new and emerging digital businesses that haven’t yet pieced together sound SMS marketing strategies. In this post, we’ll seek to identify a few such businesses that appear poised to benefit from these strategies, but are not doing so in any meaningful way just yet.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is a thoroughly established online business in many parts of the world. Here in the U.S., however, the same industry is dependent on emerging legislative efforts for growth. Many states in the U.S. still prohibit online betting practices. But a growing number of them have either legalized sports betting or are moving actively in the direction of doing so. Thus, we see sports betting as an emerging online industry in the U.S. — and particularly an extremely large one.

This is not necessarily the kind of business one associates with SMS marketing, because it’s not a business built to satisfy individual customers so much as entire communities of them. That said, there are certain ways in which SMS marketing can be extraordinarily beneficial in a business such as this. We’ve mentioned the ability to time campaigns as one of the best ways to generate revenue through SMS marketing, and it certainly appears that this sort of practice in particular could be adapted by betting companies. Any and all betting customers could automatically be sent reminders about opportunities to wager on the events that interest them personally. This would directly drive significant business.

Online Poker

Online poker is a lot like sports betting, in that it’s a massive online industry in many parts of the world, but one that’s still not widely legalized throughout the states. There are some indications that this could be changing, albeit slowly. The few states that do allow online poker have significant revenue to show for it, which could incentivize other states. There are also some prominent politicians in favor of the idea — most notable among them the former presidential candidate-turned-New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang. Look up “Yang” and “legalization” and you’ll likely find a lot of information about his call to adjust drug laws. But the candidate has also made it quite clear that he believes in the legalization of poker at the federal level.

Whether or not these trends lead to poker legalization, only time will tell. But if and when poker becomes a major online industry in the U.S., the involved businesses will have a lot to gain via SMS marketing. And in this case, it’s personalized messaging that would be key. For new players or those frequent beginner games, companies could incentivize play by sending out tips and advice. Educating these players on the rules, or explaining how to win at poker via tried and true psychologies and strategies will give them something to try, and nudge them toward logging on and practicing. Meanwhile, where more advanced players are concerned, messages could concern upcoming high-stakes tournaments or changes to site rankings that would spark competitive feelings. These kinds of personalized campaigns are useful in countless businesses, and could ultimately go a long way toward driving up activity at new poker sites.

NFT Markets

The emergence of non-fungible token markets, or “NFT” markets, is a brand new phenomenon. But it’s one that’s already taken the internet by storm. Seemingly overnight, the notion of selling the rights to one-of-a-kind digital assets sparked what is essentially a sprawling online marketplace of art and similar assets. The dealing occurs via blockchain, and we’ve seen everything from sports highlights, to complex works of digital art, to individual pixels of color selling for massive amounts of money.

Right now this is not so much a business as a free-for-all marketplace. And perhaps, given its foundation on the blockchain, the NFT market will remain this way. In all likelihood, it’s going to spawn businesses though, in the form of art dealers, investment groups, and perhaps independent sub-markets dealing in specific types of digital products. All of these businesses, too, would stand to benefit significantly from SMS marketing, if only in that it would allow them to alert interested parties, past buyers, and target consumers about new product listings, impending sales, and other assorted opportunities. The proper SMS marketing approach from a business in this space can effectively ensure an active market for any given purpose at any given time.

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