How To Download & Install The Click To Chat Plugin On Your WordPress Website?

How great would it be to have a chat support report to all your concerns and queries just at the click of your fingers? Well, that’s what Click-to-Chat by Whatso is here for! Click to chat is a widget that allows you to be there for your customers just like in person.

It acts like a virtual bell, which when rung can be answered by a dedicated customer representative on the hook. You and your team are just one widget away from hosting your customers on your website. Selected team members can be pinned on the top as per their
availability and the widget redirect you to your WhatsApp account, making communication easier and more fruitful.

However, there are various questions that one might have. You can download this plugin on our Website and start your journey of wooing your customers overnight. Whatso combines best-in-class SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Automation, and reporting in a single software. check out our Pricing Plan.

In this topic, we have covered how to download the Click to chat plugin from the Whatso website, install this plugin to your WordPress website, and hit the activate button.

let’s begin.

To install the click to chat plugin, ensure the following steps be taken care of carefully;

 Step 1: 

The first step is to visit the Whatso website. You can do so by clicking here.

 Step 2:

Now, click the “free download” button on the page. The page will look like this.

click to chat plugin

 Step 3:

After hitting the download button, the zip file will be downloaded to your computer. Once you are done with the download, you need to proceed with the installation.

 Step 4:

Log in to the WordPress admin page of your website. You can do so by adding wp-admin in front of your URL address.

 Step 5:

Now, as you reach your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins  & click the Add new button. The page should look like this.



 Step 6:

Once you click on that option, you will be able to see the upload plugin button. then next step will be to click on “Choose File” The page will look like this.

Add plugin


 Step 7:

Now, you should be redirected to your download location. Choose the zip file you downloaded from your file directory and click on okay.

 Step 8:

Once the upload is complete, you can find the plugin in your plugin gallery.


 Step 9:

In your plugin gallery, look for “Click to chat”.


 Step 10:

Under the plugin name, you will be able to see the “Activate’ button.

click to chat activate

 Step 11:

Click on that and your plugin has been successfully activated.


Congrats! You successfully downloaded and installed your new plugin. So, what’s next? The entire purpose of this plugin is to have your customer representatives just a click away from your customers through a chat support system.