How to generate CodeCanyon Whitelabel version

Whitelabel version of Whatso allows you to resell the Whatso software with your own company and brand details. You need to follow the below steps.

Here it is the simple 8 steps to How to generate CodeCanyon Whitelabel?

Let’s start!

Step 1:-

Open Create White-label software and go to the “Create White-Label” Tab. Please fill in the required details:

  • Select Whatso extracted Folder Path in Whatso Folder Path when you saved.
  • Select your New Location where you want to save it.
  • Enter your company’s name in Company Name.
  • Enter exe name(you can enter any name from you want as we have Whatso) in Software (EXE) Name
  • Your Website’s URL in Website URL.
  •  Put your Company logo by choosing a file from your computer in Company Logo. But please make sure the size of your logo is (183*400)
  • Put your Company’s ICON by choosing a file from your computer in Company ICON. But please make sure the size of your logo is (35*35)
  • After Filling in all these details, click on Save to generate your White Label Software.

Step 2:-

After you click on the save button new pop-up window opens, it will show you the message “White Label Generated Successfully.”

Step 3:-

After the click on the ok button, Your White label software is stored in New Location. You can also open the white label folder from here, as shown in the picture.

Step 4:-

Once you generate White Lable software, you have to activate the software, go to white label software, run your. EXE file and copy this Request key. And open Create White-label software.

Step 5:-

After the open “Create White- Label” software, this is the Startup screen. Paste Request Key inside the Request code Tab and Select the Expiry date and Clik on the Generate Key Button.

Step 6:-

After you clicked to Generate Key button, Your License Key will be generated and copy this Key and paste it into Activate Whatso Software.

Step 7:-

After the paste in license key in whatso software, they will show your validity date. And then click on Activate button.

Step 8:-

After the click on the activate button, whatso software will activate. And go to the SMS menu and click on the “SMS API Credentials.”
Once you Clicked, New “SMS API Credentials” window opened. Fill “AccountSid,” “AuthToken,” and “Mobile number.”(with country code) then click on the Save button. Now you can send SMS with your Account.

Note: You can create a account to get your SMS credentials and use this software for sending SMS.

We hope you found this post helpful…