How to get a Receipt on Whatso? Do Indian buyers get GST?

After purchasing any of the plans from Whatso, you would want to have a receipt of the payment you have done.

You can also how to get a receipt on Whatso & Do Indian buyers get GST on Whatso. 

You can print your receipt by following the below steps:

Step 1

Click on the Login option available on the right side.

whatso login screen

Step 2:

Enter registered email details in the login credential:-



Step 3:

When you click on LOGIN, you’ll see a note in the Greenline saying “Email Sent. Please check your email. Also, check your spam folder.”  

login panel

Step 4:

When you open the mail, you’ll see this screen. Please click on the given link.

login link

Step 5

When you click on the link you’ll be directed to this screen. 

Fill in all the details:

  • Enter your first name in First Name.
  • Enter your Last Name in the Last Name.
  • Enter your company’s name in which you work in Company Name.
  • Enter the address of your company in the place of the Company Address.
  • Enter the City of your Company in Company City.
  • Enter your GST number in GST NO.
  • Note: Indian users will have to write their GST No and the users from other countries will write their TAXNumber( E.g. VAT) in the place of GST NO.
  • Select your Country in Company Country.
  • Select your Currency Preference either INR or USD in Country Preference.
  • Note: All the information that you are filling in will be in the receipt.

After filling in all these details click on SUBMIT.


Step 6

After submitting all the details, Click on Download Software.


Step 7

When you click on Download Software you’ll see this screen. Click on View Receipt to view and print your receipt.


Step 8

On clicking View Receipt you’ll be directed to this screen. Click on PRINT to print your receipt.



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