How to Import Multiple Columns Through File Import [#MSExcel, #CSV, #TXT]

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Whatso will provide you WhatsApp marketing software documentation of the simple five steps to import multiple columns of Excel, CSV & TEXT files through a file import.

You can also watch this video to understand how –

Five Steps to import multiple columns of Excel, CSV & TEXT files through a file import.

Steps to follow:

1. Manual import

If you want to add numbers manually. So, you can tap on the manual import.

Manual Import

After you click “Manual Import”. A screen will popup. In this screen, you have to type name comma & single number per line with country code without + sign and then click on the “Import“ button.

Manual Import

Don’t forget to enter country code without (+) sign. DON’T USE (+) SIGN.

2. File import [ Excel, CSV, TXT ]

If you want to add Import File so you can tap on the File import.

File import

Once you click the import icon, New screen will come up. Click the select icon to import files. You can import > txt or .CSV file or excel file.

File import

Tips: You can Insert country code into the Number column

You can import up to 15 columns from CSV OR Excel file.

3. Prepare Import File

The file can have one or more columns [up to 15]. If you want a name also, then add the first column as “Name” and the second as “Mobile”. If you want more columns you can add up to 15 columns for Ex “Address” “City”. Just numbers to import, create a single column called “Number”.

Name, Mobile & Address


4. File Import – Append Country Code

Insert country code to number column. Ignore if the number already has a country code. & After that tap on the import button.

5. File Import – Multiple Column

After the tap on the import button, your imported data will show up on the left side of the screen. Then click on the select your column tab.

In a select, your column tab shows up 15 columns. Select the column you want to write a message to a person.

Write a message and selecting the column that you want to send a person. After selecting the column it will appear in the message box.


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