How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages to send later?

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to schedule WhatsApp messages to send later by selecting a date and time.

In this digitally congested life, We need to schedule WhatsApp messages and WhatsApp documentation has become an essential feature. Whether it is to wish someone in the middle of the night or set a reminder for a task to be performed on the next day, the scheduling feature is much needed in bulk SMS software and  Whatsapp marketing software.

For a more detailed walkthrough, you can watch this video.



Below are the steps to schedule WhatsApp messages to send later.

1. Account Manage

If you Sending it later easily. Go to the Accounts menu and select Manage Accounts.

Account Manage

After clicking, the Manage Accounts the new Account Name screen will appear. Add your account name so you can send it a message later.

Account Manage

Tips: Enter Accounts Name Only Alphanumeric & No special Characters and no spaces.

After the successful Account creation Whatso Will automatically open Chrome. and  Scan your WhatsApp account.

Scan your WhatsApp account.

2. Manual import

If you want to add numbers manually. So you can tap on the manual import.

Manual import

After you click “Manual Import”. A screen will popup. In this screen, you have to type name comma & single number per line with country code without + sign and then click on the “Import“ button.

Manual import

Don’t forget to enter country code without (+) sign. DON’T USE (+) SIGN.

3. File Import [ Excel, CSV, TXT ]

If you want to add Import File so you can tap on the File import.

File import

Tip: You can import country code to number column from software also

Once you click the import icon, New screen will come up. Click the select icon to import files. You can import > txt or .CSV file or excel file.

File Import [ Excel, CSV, TXT ]

Tips: You can Insert country code into the Number column.

You can import up to 15 columns from CSV OR Excel file.

4. Prepare Import File

The file can have one or more columns [up to 15]. If you want a name also, then add the first column as “Name” and the second as “Mobile”. If you want more columns you can add up to 15 columns for Ex “Address” “City”. Just numbers to import, create a single column called “Number”.

Name, Mobile & Address


5. File Import – Append Country Code

Insert country code to number column. Ignore if the number already has a country code. & After that tap on the import button.

Suggested Reading: Import Multiple Columns Through File Import ? [#MSExcel, #CSV, #TXT ]

6. Write Message

Type the message in the message box. Multiple messages. if you have 8 numbers & 4 messages. the messages are rotated among the 8 numbers sequentially. So Message 1 = number 1 & 5, Message 2 = number 2 & 6, Message 3 = number 3 & 7, Message 4 = number 4 & 8.Click on Turbo Fast Speed if you want to send a bulk SMS quickly.

Write Message

7. Send or Schedule Message.

after a click on the send button, the new screen will pop up. You can Send or you can Schedule Messages by selecting Date & Time.

Send or Schedule Message

Please ensure that all instances of Chrome are closed before you click send.

If you tap on the Send later by selecting Date & Time. Whatso software will new screen will pop up it will start the scheduler.

After Whatso Will automatically open Chrome. and  Scan your WhatsApp account.

8. WhatsApp Web

Once you scan the code, the software will send the messages automatically.

WhatsApp Web

Please do not click anywhere on the Chrome WhatsApp screen.

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