How to send Interactive WhatsApp Messages with Action Button

The company has been continuously trying to make it easier for users to respond to businesses and help businesses improve their response rates.

WhatsApp Buttons are a great way to take users through an automated and logical chat flow that can reduce confusion. With predefined answers, WhatsApp Buttons provide a great user experience and seamless customer support.

Here are some of the businesses that are already making use of WhatsApp Messages buttons to interact with their customers, drive more conversions, get feedback or send reminders.

Start using WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app with 2 billion active users. Not only that, more than 3 million businesses are already using WhatsApp Business globally to communicate with their customers. As more businesses realize the impact of WhatsApp on their customer base, it’s now more critical than ever before to leverage WhatsApp as a channel to deliver a great customer experience, collect feedback and drive sales.


 Step 1: 

After signing up, you will see this screen, where you will be able to add Names, Mobile numbers with country codes, and other details in column1, column2, etc.

 Step 2: 

Here, you can either add contacts manually or import contacts from an excel file. Click on the Import Contacts option to import a CSV or xls, xlsx files. Column 1, Column 2..etc. fields can be used to add customizations to your messages.

 Step 3: 

If you click on import contacts, the below screen will appear from where you can import the file. Here, download the sample file link, which will show you the format in which your file should be.

 Step 4: 

After knowing the file format, you can browse the file from your device by clicking the select button on the screen.

 Step 5: 

Once the file is being imported, click on the import button as shown below.

 Step 6: 

Now click on add message section, where you can send customized messages, videos, and audios of any file format, and can send them to all the contacts that you had imported.

 Step 7: 

After you click on the “send message button“, the popup will appear whether to send now or to schedule your message. Moreover, You can Add the “Call to Action button” with the message.