How To Set Page Target, Button Style & Feature Image Settings To Display The Click To Chat Widget?

In the previous section, we have covered how to add and delete new accounts, how to make these accounts visible on your website, how to set availability based on your working hours, and how to pin and unpin an account. Furthermore, we have also explained how to set availability when offline.

In this section, we have attempted to help you target your widget with the help of Page Targeting, set your button style, change your button style, and set your featured image.

So, once you have completed all the settings, you now want to show up. Page targeting allows you to choose the destinations on your website (for eg home page, about us, contact us, blog, etc) where you want this widget to appear. This helps you increase your conversions tenfold and strategize your appearance entirely as per your needs. So, how do we do it?

Step 1:

Click on accounts on your WordPress dashboard. You will come back to your account settings. Click on “Add Account”.

Step 2:

Now scroll down until you can see “Page Targeting”. The page will look like this. You can find this right below the account settings as shown in the image below.


Step 3:

Click on “Page Targeting. The page will look like this.


Step 4:

Select all of the pages you would like the Click to Chat widget to appear. Alternatively, you can type out the title of the page in the “Include Pages” options below. This will display the widget on all those titles which have been mentioned on this option.

Similarly, if you wish to exclude titles, you can enter those names in the “Exclude Pages” option below. Entering the titles in this option will not display the widget on these particular pages.

That’s all. Simple isn’t it? Having said that, let’s move on to the next segment of discussion in this guide, Button Style.

  • Settings – Button Style

If you wish to modify or change the button style according to your website theme, you can do so by following the given steps below;


You can manually change the background color of your button and the text color of your button. Furthermore, you can also change the background color when you hover over the button and the same for the text as well.

 Can I Change The Click To Chat Widget Button Style? 

Yes, you can change the button style and shape. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1:

Go to Display settings and select “Appearance”.

Step 2:

The page will look like this.


Step 3:

Here, you can change the widget text, widget text color, and widget background color. Furthermore, you can also change the position where your widget appears, which is the left bottom or right bottom of your screen.


 Settings – Feature Image 

To set the feature image for your representative, follow the steps given below;

Step 1:

Click on “Set Featured Image” as shown in the image below;


Step 2:

Now, if the image is already present in your media library, you can choose the same from your media gallery. Alternatively, if you wish to upload a new picture, you can do so by clicking on “Upload Image’ and select your preferred image from your stored computer location and feature your desired image on the cover.

Step 3:

Once you are done with this, click on “Publish”.