How to use Campaign Management to send message with Whatso Chrome extension ?

In the previous section, we have covered how to use Campaign Management and send messages with official API.

In this section, we have attempted to help you how to use Campaign Management to send message with Whatso Chrome extension.

Let’s Begin!

 Step 1:-

The first step is to Download Whatso – Bulk Message Sender for WhatsApp. And “Add to Chrome “.

 Step 2:-

Click on the Login option available on the right side.

 Step 3:-

Enter registered email details in the login credential:-

 Step 4:-

When you click on LOGIN, you’ll see a note in the Greenline saying “Email Sent. Please check your email. Also, check your spam folder.”  

login panel

 Step 5:-

Once you sign-up, you will receive an email to log in to your dashboard. Then Copy “Username & Password” in notepad.

 Step 6:-

After the Getting, the Username and password, Pin the Whatso – Bulk Message Sender for WhatsApp Extension.

Step 7:-

After you pin the “Whatso – Bulk Message Sender for WhatsApp” plugin, browse to And login using your QR on the website if not already logged in.

Step 8:-

Here, you need to enter your UsernamePassword & Email Address. Then hit submit button.

Step 9:-

Login Whatso dashboard. Then click on “Campaigns” on the left-hand navbar.


Step 10:-

After clicking on “Campaigns”, you can create the first Campaigns by selecting the “+ Campaigns” button.


Step 11:-

Enter your campaign details “Campaign Name” and “Select Recipient“, select groups to which you want to send messages else select all contacts. Then select the “Whatso API” Method. In “From Number“, enter the number for which you want to send messages via this number and click on the “Next Step” button.

Step 12:-

Here, you can Compose a message in the message box and use contact management data by copying the variables. Then, click on the “Next Step” button.


Step 13:-

After a click on the Next Step, You can Send or Schedule Messages by selecting Date & Time. Then click on the “Send” button.


Step 14:-

When you click on the “Send” button, The Send the messages in-progress board will appear.

It may take upto 5 minutes to send message once Campaign is created.

Step 15:-

After a few minutes, The messages that are delivered will appear as shown.


Step 16:-

Once the messages are delivered, You can check the Report by selecting the “Campaign Report” Tab.


Step 17:-

Here you can see the Total Numbers of WhatsApp Message Sent. You can select the Campaign which you want to see the Report.


Step 18:-

Once you select Campaign, Here you can show the Message delivered report.


Thank You