SMS Marketing Templates

Abandoned Cart

  • Hey (FIRST NAME), we see you left your cart at (SITE NAME). Your items are waiting for you!! Grab your favorites before they go out of stock at (SITE URL)
  • You left something behind!  Hey (FIRST NAME) Your cart is full and all set to come home to you. Just come and get it all ready at (SITE URL)? 
  • Please don’t leave us behind! Hey (FIRST NAME), we are waiting to be taken to our new home. Come get us at (SITE URL)
  • 7 million people in this world and you decided to abandon us? Not fair! The items in your cart are almost gone. Buy now at (SITE URL)
  • Don’t you like discounts? We don’t see any other reason for leaving such a tempting cart behind? If this was a mistake, go back here (SITE URL)
  • You have an amazing choice! Go back and complete your purchase at (SITE URL)

Welcome Series

  • Hey (First Name), Welcome to (BUSINESS NAME). Consider this a token of love! Explore offers at (SITE URL)
  • We can’t be happier to see you join the team (BUSINESS NAME). Trust us, this duo will go a long way! Make yourself feel home with our welcome offers by tapping here (SITE URL)
  • Woohoo! Welcome onboard (FIRST NAME). You’ll be the first one to know about all our new launches and grab them at the earliest. stop seeing our messages – reply STOP to this message.
  • Look who’s joined us today! Welcome to (BUSINESS NAME) (FIRST NAME). Visit (SITE URL) and make yourself home!
  • We are thrilled to have you with us. Visit (SITE URL)
  • Why don’t you ease out while we offer you some awesomeness? Tap here to browse your options (SITE URL) 
  • We are glad to have you on our team. As a welcome gift, we are offering you an (XYZ%) discount on your first purchase. 

Customer Win-Back

  • Hey Name, We just wanted to check on you! Take a minute to let us know your experience with us?
  • We hope you are doing well! Would you like to give us feedback on your recent purchase?
  • We noticed you haven’t started your free trial yet. Would you like to give it a shot?
  • We noticed you did not complete your sign-up. Is there any help you need?
  • Don’t miss out on these amazing offers. Grab yours now!
  • Are you gonna let PRODUCT slip out of your hands? Visit us and get yours today

New Product Launch

  • Guess who is the talk of the town? We have new launches waiting for you!
  • Treat yourself to some awesomeness with our awesome winter collection
  • Hey, it’s our first day and we are excited to add some newbies to our list. Check them out!
  • New month, new you. Update your wardrobe with our latest collection.
  • New! New! New! Check out what’s waiting for you. Visit URL
  • The stars have aligned, Name. Check out what we have to offer our amazing customers today.
  • Warning! New stock alert! Get your hands on them before they sell out

Loyalty Program

  • Here’s a gift to our most loyal customer NAME. Use this coupon code to avail of 25% off on your next purchase.
  • You deserve the best. Here’s a token of love from NAME to our loving customers. Thank you for supporting us constantly 🙂
  • We think you are amazing. Consider this a token of appreciation. Avail to 50% off on our latest arrivals.
  • Refer a friend and earn up to Rs 500 per referral. Here’s an amazing chance to make some extra income through referral. Referral code: NAME2341
  • You are eligible for 75% off on your next order from us. Redeem your offer by using the code XYZ99
  • Shh! It’s a secret. Don’t miss out on some amazing offers on our online sale from 1st to 8th July.

Black Friday

  • Here’s a sneak peek at something special. Visit URL
  • It’s black Friday already? Grab the best offers on URL
  • It’s the best time of the year to shop. On this black Friday, grab the best deals on URL
  • We are excited! It’s black Friday. Visit URL to make the best out of it.
  • Sign up and get early access to our black Friday sale
  • Woohoo! It’s time to unlock some amazing deals this Black Friday. Go to sale URL
  • The sale bigger than the NEW YEAR  bash is here. Bag some amazing deals before they are sold out
  • Alert! Alert! Black Friday sales start in less than 24 hours. Be ready to shop your favorites.
  • The deal is on! Black Friday sale is here and we’d hate it if you miss it. We start at 7. Be there to bag your favorites at amazing discounts.
  • Do you smell discounts? Our Black Friday sale is here. Ignore the message only if you are crazy enough to miss out on amazing offers.

Product Cross-Sell

  • Hey NAME, thanks for purchasing handbags at WEBSITE NAME. How about a wallet to go along with it at 25% off?
  • We see you purchased a shirt at WEBSITE NAME. Have you tried our latest ties to go with the formal look? 75% Off – offer valid until stocks last.
  • Thank you for purchasing PRODUCT at WEBSITE. Would you like to get some accessories as well? 60% OFF on selected brands.
  • Thank you for shopping with us. Would you like to continue shopping and grab some amazing offers on our latest shoe and apparel collection?
  • We hope PRODUCT made you smile! We would love it if you checked out our latest collection and bag your favorites. Shop again!


  • We hope PRODUCT made you smile! We would love to hear about your experience at URL
  • To provide you better services, please take a moment to rate your experience with STORE at URL
  • We just need a minute! Please rate your experience at the URL. Your feedback matters!
  • Enable us to provide you with the best digital experience. Please share your feedback at the URL
  • Want to leave us feedback? Click on URL 
  • We’d love to hear from you. Share your experience at URL
  • Share your experience with us at URL and stand a chance to win exciting rewards

Shipping & Order Updates

  • Your order is ready to be shipped! Track here URL
  • Your order has been shipped. Track your order here URL
  • We are happy to let you know that your order has been shipped. Track here URL
  • Your order is out for delivery. Our delivery agent might contact you to understand your address better. Track here URL
  • Out for delivery: Your order is on the way. Order pin 1234
  • Your order ID 432167 is out for delivery. Contact delivery agent at 789654123 for further assistance
  • Your order 432124 has been successfully shipped and should reach you within 3-4 working days. Track order here URL
  • Due to the pandemic, there is a delay in your order. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to get your order as soon as possible.
  • Thanks for placing your order with us. We will keep you updated regarding the arrival of your package.

Membership Offers

  • It’s a good day! We are offering you a free membership for 6 months. Visit URL to register.
  • New year, new you! Our one-year membership sale starts today! Visit URL to sign up today
  • Don’t miss out on amazing offers this summer. Become a member and enjoy exclusive offers today!
  • Exclusive offers for our members kinda day. Are you one of them yet? Register today URL
  • We are glad you are a part of our family! Avail 30% off for our members on their next order.
  • Your ME time is here! Avail extra 20% off on your next purchase. Offer for members only. Sign up here URL

SMS Subscribers Offers

  • Subscribe to get some exclusive and exciting offers at the tip of your fingers.
  • Did we hear discounts? It’s yours! Subscribe to our SMS list and get access to amazing offers
  • Do you want info on our latest launches? Reply with ‘SUBSCRIBE’ and get early access to all our events.
  • Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for some awesome offers right at your fingertip.
  • Do you want to hear from us regularly? Reply ‘YES’ and we will activate your free SMS subscription. Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe. 

Birthday Offer

  • It’s your birthday!! Here’s a 50% off voucher on any purchase you make today! 
  • Happy birthday, NAME. Show this text to your barista to get a free drink on your birthday. URL
  • Cakes, pastries, chocolates, and a 75% discount? Sounds like the perfect birthday plan! Avail of your discount on any purchase today. Use code: BDAY99
  • Too bad that you can’t party this year, but you can surely make up with some amazing discount coupons. Use code BDAY876 and get up to 85% off on all brands. 
  • Celebrate your birthday with 65% off on your purchase of selected brands. Use code BDAY99 to avail of the discount. 
  • We couldn’t offer you a better gift on your special day! Visit URL & use code BDAY99 to avail of discount.

Festival/Seasonal Offer

  • The festive season is here. Celebrate with a minimum of 50% – 85% off on selected brands. 
  • The season of love is here! Celebrate with a minimum of 60% off on selected brands.
  • In less than 3 hours, get ready to witness the greatest sale of the year. Visit URL to wishlist your favorites.
  • We are back and so is the festive season. Avail discounts worth 75% on top brands and celebrate in style.
  • Use coupon FESTIVE to get exclusive offers on purchases above 1999. Visit URL to avail great discounts on selected brands
  • Fill your cupboard with some amazingness this festive season. Use code 99FESTI & get up to 85% discount on selected brands

Limited Time Offers

  • Limited quantity skincare sets are available now. Perfect stocking stuffers! Buy 2 and get 1 free! No code is required. URL
  • Hurry up, the sale ends in less than 14 hours! Shop from amazing brands at discounted rates and experience satisfaction like never before! Visit URL
  • Hi Name, Flash Sale – for the next 3 hours only! Get 30% off on all accessories before 10 pm. Go now URL
  • Hi Name, the wait is over! The NEW LIMITED EDITION 5001 sneaker has arrived. Hurry & Shop NOW before they sell out URL
  • Hi Name, only 24hrs left to buy gifts for your loved ones and have them arrive in time for Christmas. Shop NOW URL
  • Hi Name, our sales starts Thursday. Reply SHOPNOW to get early access to the deals now on the URL

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