A Beginner’s Guide to WhatsApp Marketing

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In today’s fast pacing world where everything is all about WhatsApp and Google, even then WhatsApp is the least expected choice of a marketer. Last officially reported statistics claims that WhatsApp has acquired 1.5 billion active users across 182 countries which undoubtedly are huge. The common mindset that prevails with WhatsApp is that it serves … Read more

WhatsApp Marketing Software: All You Need To Know About

Marketing in today’s world is such an essential that without the right kind of vibrant marketing even the best of products and services might not meet with success. The good thing is that with the introduction of digitization marketing has actually become easier than before. There are plenty of quality marketing platforms where you can … Read more

15 Innovative ideas for smart marketing through WhatsApp

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

What is a business venture without smart marketing strategies? It is a failure. So the importance of marketing and reaching out to a significant consumer base can never be neglected for any business sphere. WhatsApp is a platform where the marketing process is made easy as you can immediately reach out to a huge number … Read more

WhatsApp Marketing campaign in 5 Steps

Whatsapp Marketing Campaign

Ever since technology started taking control of the minds of the people, everything shifted towards getting digitized. From foods, clothing to necessary personal use items we started looking up our phones and laptops to search online. Therefore, the thing that most importantly should be taken care of, is the preference of the customers. For example, … Read more