WhatsApp Marketing campaign in 5 Steps

Ever since technology started taking control of the minds of the people, everything shifted towards getting digitized. From foods, clothing to necessary personal use items we started looking up our phones and laptops to search online.

Therefore, the thing that most importantly should be taken care of, is the preference of the customers. For example, when we look for buying dresses on a particular website, we look for reviews online, not at retail stores.

Similarly, for branding too, one needs to merge with the updated technologies to reach out to a larger number of people. With a huge user base of around 1.5 billion monthly active users, it has made a fact very clear to us. Businesses that are now willing to emerge as a worldwide known brand, cannot ignore the importance of WhatsApp Marketing Software.

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So here are a few below mentioned WhatsApp Marketing Strategies that can bring instant results for the businesses to flourish:

Five Steps to Design WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategies

1. Know what WhatsApp Marketing is and Why businesses need it

Before planning for WhatsApp marketing campaign strategies, one needs to be aware of WhatsApp’s basic facts. As we all know it’s the application for free text messages, voice calling, video calling, image exchanges, etc.

The most important reason to use WhatsApp’s Marketing strategy is its larger user base. It can reach out to a lot of people at the same time. As the stats reveal, each WhatsApp text is read within 3 seconds of being sent. It’s quite possible that the customers you want might be using WhatsApp. It can also be aimed at greater engagement rates. Because of the level of intimacy that is offered at such platforms, the benefit of a loyal user base is most likely to be expected. Businesses that keep a quick vigilance for the rare opportunities would try to cash it through channeling the content. It would be sent through private channels to dark social media.

2. Different ways to use WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

Different versions of WhatsApp are available for better connectivity with people. Now the ball falls in your court. It more or less depends on the ways you can adapt to make the best possible use of the facilities provided. WhatsApp can be used to reach out to people in the below-listed ways:

** One-on-one Chats

WhatsApp Click to Chat is the best-known instant messaging app for the level of intimacy it offers. There a personalized direct message can compel the user to get to know about you. Since it’s a secured platform for any user to go out of their way other than texting and video calling. This can provide a smoother inroad to your WhatsApp Marketing.

But, on a serious note, there needs to be constant engagement between you and your customer. Or else, a slight deviation and the story could become too far to bring back into the picture.

** Group Chats

Keeping in mind its large user base, we cannot deny the fact that for knowing their preferred choices one needs to know the reviews for the product as well as their interests. There a group chat of 256 people at a time including all the customers together could help in a better way.

This compels the customer to respond and others get to know more about the brand. This helps in having a clear picture of the tastes and preferences of the people.

** Broadcast Lists

As we are well aware that for better branding, customer’s tastes and choices should be taken care of at every step of WhatsApp Marketing. According to that we can create several broadcast lists and send direct messages to about 256 people in one go. These messages will show up to the customer as a personalized message which will also maintain the intimacy level at the user’s end.

But one thing needs to be kept in mind. These messages should not prompt the customers to take it just like a push notification. Else the blocked option in the recipient’s list can make you a distant thought forever and after.

3. Best WhatsApp Campaigning Strategies

Since it is very well known that WhatsApp doesn’t allow any ads or promotions on its homepage. So, it depends upon the innovative and interesting key features that you are providing to your customers. That will help to maintain the level of interest of the customer for your product. To help the customers keep related to your product you ought to provide them with an amicable atmosphere. Some of the best WhatsApp Marketing strategies are mentioned below:

** Create a brand arena to chat with users and keep them engaged

** Utilize WhatsApp for uninterrupted communication and for better customer retention

** Marketer should be well aware of WhatsApp tool to effectively create an awesome persona for their brand

** Provide innovative marketing solutions to problems faced by customers in their day-to-day lives

** Preserve the quality of messages to maintain the level of interest of your customers

** Perform real-time customer service

4. Enrich your text and take advantage of multimedia

To keep your customer’s attention towards your product you need to make full use of the tools and resources you get through WhatsApp. Like, to emphasize something you want your customer to know you can write them in BOLD or ITALICS. You can also enrich your messages by providing them with a link description about the offers going on or incentives on your product. Moreover, you can make use of emojis, GIFs to maintain the expressiveness of your product. Smileys added, could provide holistic and satisfying customer experience and higher engagement for a much longer time.

5. Make optimum use of the software

Since we are talking about the digital world then we need to be technologically updated. While thinking about WhatsApp Marketing campaigns, the use of SMS marketing software becomes necessary to provide gravity to your thought process. It becomes very necessary to reach out to a larger number of people within a very short time. WhatsApp groups, chats, broadcasts give you that access to do so but using software will help you increase the number to a larger extent. Whatsapp marketing software document they help you to have better connectivity with people. SMS can help you manage lots of contacts at a time, even those that are not included in your phonebook. It customizes the messages with various greeting messages like adding the sender’s name to help your customers know you better. It helps you import contact numbers from different groups. You can send a communication in any format such as text, images, videos, audio, vCard files, etc.


For a business to grow big, one needs to have a great idea. The idea about your customer’s choice, taste, and preference is the most important thing that one comes across while branding for their product. Technology can either help take you to the next level or bring you back to nowhere. So, it’s very important to know the use of a particular strategy at a particular place. Another thing to be kept in mind is the interest of your customer in your product. Always brand your product in such a way you can keep your customers holding back to your product now and always. And for doing that, you need software that can cater to your customers’ needs in a better way.

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