WhatsApp Marketing for Business – Ultimate Guide

In the contemporary world, marketing is the key to success. There is no business venture that can have a successful massive outreach without the proper aid of successful marketing. While social media remains an important platform for this purpose, the importance of WhatsApp too has been paramount ever since it was introduced back in 2009. Among the messaging applications this happens to be the fastest growing one and today with a whopping 900 million active users it is one of the best ways to go for marketing for some products or brands or services. If you are to reach out to the masses you have to cater to the needs of this growing platform. This ensures that a massive number of potential customers will have access to the whereabouts of your business.

WhatsApp Usage

There are many of the WhatsApp marketing software in the market and they help in the new era of marketing strategies that have been brought about. One of the best features among them is that of the bulk software sender which enables the companies to send messages out in bulk to the customers out there. There happens to be some limitation regarding the usage of WhatsApp for the purpose of bulk messaging. This is precisely where WhatsApp marketing software proves to be very useful.

How WhatsApp marketing exactly works

Like we have discussed already there is a massive user base for WhatsApp in the worldwide market. So the moment you can convert it to being used as a successful tool for promoting your product you ensure that you have huge accessibility and potential to reach out to the people. There are a lot of benefits that the marketer receives since they are provided with platforms which help them to create some very effective marketing campaigns. These campaigns take place through various measures like those of photos, texts, Gifts, and videos.

The basic tenets of WhatsApp marketing

One of the basic features of marketing is that you have to always keep up with the changing times. The adoption of the latest technology in this regard is absolutely an essential quality. Previously the more commonly used attempts at reaching out to the masses were through bulk emailers, SMS texting and Google adverts and social media channels. The benefits of WhatsApp over this are very evident. Through WhatsApp, the message you are trying to propagate goes straight to the user’s inbox and gives you much better access as to the consumer base.

The WhatsApp bulk software sender is extremely user-friendly. The addition of the personal touch that is providing makes marketing all the more effective. It is to be noted in this regard that there is no business integrated application that WhatsApp has for itself. This is just an opportunity where many third-party vendors cater to the aspect of bulk messaging or the database component. The third party vendors which provide with such services are the WhatsApp marketing software and the necessary script which has to be incorporated to make your marketing strategy a success.

The #1 WhatsApp Marketing Software in the market is Whatso.

Whatso – Important features of WhatsApp marketing software

The bulk software sender and its advantages have led to a situation where the opportunity to launch marketing campaigns is much easier. These are done through business profiles and ad platforms. The application of WhatsApp continuously undergoes the process of being upgraded. This means that the reliance on the third part is much greater than what could have been the case. The following are some of the features of the bulk software sender introduced in the WhatsApp marketing software:

  • Easier to communicate: The moment you can achieve a 1:1 dialogue with your consumer, half the job in terms of marketing is done. You approach the potential market directly and you have the opportunity to send exactly what you feel is the most relevant information and that too in bulk. You can even use the WhatsApp groups and broadcast messages.
  • There is no limitation: There is no upper limit on the scale of distribution that you wish to indulge in. From audios, videos, newsletters to Gifs and text messages you can choose your forte and in fact choose multiple options. This is where the WhatsApp marketing software can be as effective as a promotional tool. It is one of the best ways for you to reach the markets without a problem.
  • The ability to schedule messages: You may choose to hold on to some promotional message for a future date and this process is automated which enables you to plan way ahead of time.
  • The source code is available for the user and it can also be altered for better use. This gives the bulk software sender the edge in terms of flexibility.
  • The ability to customize: The ability that strikes many the most is that the messages can be customized as you want them to be. You can send to the consumer what you feel is the most relevant part of the marketing information.
  • There are some features in the software which even allow the building of newsletter and Gifs and videos.
  • The numbers generator: WhatsApp marketing software helps in the creation of some virtual WhatsApp numbers. These are helpful when you want to send some instant texts or voice messages for the purpose of your marketing.

The system of advanced internal dialogues

For a digital marketer, there are few things more disturbing than the prospect of being blocked. The main advantage of the WhatsApp marketing software is that the system of advanced internal dialogue significantly decreases your chances of being blocked. It should be noted in this context that this technical feature helps in reaching out to the inbox of your consumers. The success and chances of being blocked depend a lot on the kind of content that you are sending.

Some good strategies in WhatsApp marketing

Stabilize the brand: There is WhatsApp marketing which is a valid option for many other companies as well. Keeping that in mind it is all about how you are reaching out to your potential consumers. The importance of good content, the development of your brand value and the identification of the target audience are all very important in this regard.

Indulge in one-to-one conversations: The more the one-to-one conversation between the company and the customer is successful the greater are the chances of the entire marketing program being successful.

Special attention for the high-value customers: This is an important aspect of any successful business and the marketing via WhatsApp is no exception to this rule. Here you can filter the messages and get them broadcasted to only a particular section of the consumers. This personalized touch will create a big difference.

The identification genuine response: This is a huge advantage of WhatsApp marketing as you get to know the immediate response of the consumer. Only the interested people will respond and thus you will make sure that the next time around the focus is on them specifically.

Some commonly used Bulk WhatsApp marketing software

  • Whatso This is the #1 software available in the market with 25,000+ customers using it on a daily basis. You can easily send a text, photo, video, and PDF message and then schedule the message to send. It is extremely user-friendly and successfully conducts advertising campaigns. With all the other common features this one also has the much-appreciated anti-blocking feature. The chances of you getting blocked can be reduced if you use this fine application.
  • WhatsApp bulk sender- Bulk WhatsApp marketing software: Through this application, you can scan through your core contact list and get to know about the most active WhatsApp users.
  • Bulk WhatsApp sender-A WhatsApp bulk sender tool: When it comes to the aspect of bulk software sender, this application has it all covered.
  • WA Panel: This application is cloud-based and not software based like the others. If it concerns the high frequency and high volume campaigns then this application is just the ideal companion. Instead of being on your PC to operate this, you can do the same from a remote location since it is a web-based application.


Use these tried and tested tricks of WhatsApp marketing and watch your profits increase in leaps and bounds. Keeping up with the latest technology is the key and through the process of utilizing these applications that we told you about, you can add the extra edge to your business.

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