WhatsApp Marketing Software – Complete List

Do you know that WhatsApp is the most used messenger app in the world?

Since its introduction in 2009, WhatsApp is the fastest growing user messaging application & now buying a WhatsApp Marketing Software is becoming a rage because as on 2019, WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. Most of these users are coming from South Africa, Brazil, USA, Europe & Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

Whatsapp is also used by many small businesses such as fashion boutiques, restaurants & grocery shops for communicating offers to the customers. WhatsApp has officially launched a new app, called WhatsApp Business in January 2018. It’s completely separate to the standard version of WhatsApp, but it works in much the same manner – only its purpose is connecting businesses and customers, rather than friends and family. The app can be used for sending notifications, order information, special discount offers & such other information.

There are many tools developed to facilitate small business owners in sending WhatsApp messages to customers quickly. Most of the software’s are paid but can be really helpful compared to SMS because Whatsapp has almost 80% of high engagement ratio. It means that unlike SMS people do read Whatsapp messages and prefer to communicate.

Here we aggregate the best bulk WhatsApp marketing software for you to choose:

1. Whatso

Whatso.net is by far the best bulk WhatsApp marketing software available in the market. With anti-blocking technology, it can send 1000’s of messages in a day automatically and thereby increase your foot-fall tremendously.

Whatso.net is currently used by more than 25,000 users and is the number one selling WhatsApp marketing software in the market. You can easily share videos, images, and promotional offers, discounts, pdf, etc. to your customers in bulk.

It can send custom messages with greetings such as receiver’s name & can also send message to numbers not stored in the mobile.

With a price range starting at around $50, Whatso is the number one software in the market.

2. SalesPanda

SalesPanda is an integrated tool to automate your digital marketing activities. It provides a digital sales & marketing automation platform for all business channels across industry verticals. It can increase your ROI on your Sales & Marketing by optimizing the cost per acquisition.

3. WhatsApp Myntra

Myntra Increases your revenue through bulk SMS marketing without spending much on marketing by implementing a unique high-end marketing approach. It will help you distribute your promotional material, discount coupons to your customers with accuracy & speed. Their SMS gateway lets you fire messages on the basis of time and events. This is more of an SMS marketing tool than a Whatsapp Marketing tool.

4. WAAM-it Sender

Waam-it Sender is an extremely costly Whatsapp Marketing software. It’s price starts at around $400 for a single PC license. It is a good software but it doesn’t look too user friendly. Also, there is no anti-block system to prevent your WhatsApp account from getting blocked. Their method of purchasing is also little cumbersome.

5. WhatsApp Bulk Sender

This is an insanely costly Whatsapp sending software with $3997 as it’s price. Their website looks too cluttered. The software also doesn’t look too much user-friendly. There is no way you can buy this software online

Their biggest limitation is that you can send only 9 messages per hour per number. So for sending around 1000 messages, you will need to have around 900-1000 mobile numbers.

Whatsapp Marketing Software

6. Bulk Whatsapp Sender – Whatsapp Marketing Tools & Solutions

This company was providing all kinds of WhatsApp marketing solutions such as bulk whatsapp marketing, WhatsApp Marketing Panel, WhatsApp Marketing Channel & Suite as well as SaaS model for Whatsapp. However this company is no longer operational.

7. WAPanel – Web Based WhatsApp Marketing

WAPanel is one of the only few web based Whatsapp Marketing software in the market. WA Panel which is an automated WhatsApp marketing panel allows you to run your marketing campaigns with server hosted on their own premises. This web based WhatsApp marketing script is also selling their source code for you to run as a reseller.

It doesn’t list its price on the website and also doesn’t provide any chat support to talk to them. It says that it uses pre-activated WhatsApp numbers, used by the script & software to run WhatsApp campaigns.

The good think about this kind of web script is that you don’t have to rely on your own mobile number or computer. & you can operate it from anywhere, anytime, and also scale your campaigns to larger numbers. The disadvantage is that it is very spammy and will not allow you to build good rapport with your customer over a long period of time.

8. BulkWhatsAppMarketing.com – Premium WhatsApp Marketing Services

This company is not longer operational. There are multiple companies which provide WhatsApp marketing services these days. But, when it comes to accurate and 100% guaranteed delivery. This company was one of the top WhatsApp marketing Service providers in the world.

They were providing various WhatsApp marketing packages for resellers also and was one of the first company to sell whatsapp services based on messages.

9. AllWebmart

AllWebmart promotes itself as a one click solution for app development and digital marketing services such as Whatsapp. You can send 3000 messages in 1 day with Less blocking problem & with 1 channel you can send 100 messages to unknown person. You can also send 3000 messages (Known person) with 1 sim card. You can also send multiple images, videos etc. The software is not user friendly and uses excel for input. It provides only Paypal as payment method.

10. WhatsAppChannels.com – WhatsApp Marketing Channels

Again, this company is also no longer operational. This company was famous for providing Whatsapp Channels to all the software, scripts and people across the globe. They created channels across various countries like India, Phillipines, China, USA etc.Along with bulkwhatsappchannels.com, this company had created in past a complete monopoly in providing whatsapp channel services. However due to stringent rules by Whatsapp, all this companies except Whatso have to shut their operations down.

So why are people buying all this software?

What is WhatsApp Marketing & Why are businesses so crazy about it?

According to a survey conducted by a leading research organization Nielsen, Whatsapp has more than 95% engagement ratio. Engagement ratio means that if you send a message to 100 people, what percent of people are going to view, share and interact with your content.

Remember, email has an engagement rate of around 20-40% depending upon the business category. SMS has an engagement rate of around 50-70% but sending marketing SMS is now a days very difficult. So if you’re considering increasing your sales & revenue, there are very few channels left where you can spend less but generate more leads. And so Whatsapp is the most preferred platform for this. On top of this, Whatsapp has more than 1.5 billion users using it on a daily basis. It is also one of the only channels where you can target all demography of audience easily.

So how do I take benefit of WhatsApp Marketing?

Whatsapp is aware that its platform will be heavily misused if it opens up for marketers. Hence Whatsapp has deliberately not open its app for marketers and has also not open any API for whatsapp marketing. There is a Whatsapp API available for small businesses which can work with transactional messages such as Movie or Flight Ticket booking. Many leading companies in airline, restaurant domain are using Whatsapp API for sending their customer a transactional messages.

Definitely it is necessary for businesses to evolve with time and use the latest cutting edge technology to bring the customer acquisition cost down. Businesses have been using channels like SMS, Emails, Adwords, FB & Instagram channels, and Google SEO to reach the target audience. However, nothing beats WhatsApp when it comes to massive reach and high engagement.


You have been thinking of different ways to boost your business. You have been trying different marketing methods and strategies to grow your business. Perhaps you have been very active on social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to tell the world about your business, your service or your product. But have you tried a Whatsapp marketing software like Bulk Whatsapp Sender?

But it is a fiercely competitive world out there. So it is not that easy to grab eyeballs on these much used social networking sites. Maybe, you need to find a new medium or a new way of spreading the message about your business. 

Marketing is all about getting the message across to customers successfully. And the best marketing tool is the one which carries a personal touch also. So, can you think of a new marketing tool which not only has a wide reach but also gives a personal touch to your marketing campaigns? And most importantly, people pay attention to the information transmitted through it. 

Have you ever thought of using Whatsapp as a marketing tool? Do you realize how big a part it can play in the growth of your business? Yes! In this era of social networking sites and apps, WhatsApp can play a vital role in taking your business forward. We can underestimate the reach of Whatsapp only at our own peril. The latest Whatsapp marketing software like Bulk Whatsapp sender is a tool that can propel your business to newer heights. 


Whatsapp has been in use for over 10 years now but businesses have not really explored it’s potential as a marketing tool. In fact, it has largely been ignored as a marketing weapon. We are sure you would be asking how can Whatsapp be more effective than other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin which have a huge reach and far greater acceptance as marketing platforms.

Well, we will answer that with a simple statistic in the next section. But, for now, we will see how you have been using email marketing to grow your business. 

You have been sending bulk emails to potential buyers/customers to register your presence in the market. But what has been the percentage outcome? You will admit that it is not even 10%.

This is so because email opening rate is much lower than SMS opening. So most of your emails are not read. That means people open and read SMSes more quickly than they do emails. Putting it statistically, SMS opening rate is almost 80% i.e. there is 80% chance that your SMS on Whatsapp will be read. Do you have such a high probability on any other medium? And it is a free SMS service with a huge userbase. So now you know why and how Whatsapp is a boon as a marketing tool.


Although Whatsapp has a wide reach and is an acceptable form of communication, it still does not have enough features to reach a bulk audience. It is introducing new features but still not enough for you to reach your target customers in the same manner as bulk SMSes or emails. This is where the third party Whatsapp marketing software like Bulk Whatsapp Sender comes into play. 


A general perception is that Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have the most number of users. And marketing on these social networking sites will fetch a good amount of business. No doubt all these platforms have a very wide user base and people understand their usage and benefit better but Whatsapp has overtaken all these platforms rapidly and has an ever increasing number of regular users. 

Let us put it plainly – as per the latest data, Facebook has 1.65 billion active users, Twitter has over 300 million active users and Linkedin has about 100 million active users throughout the world. And what about Whatsapp? 

Well, you may be surprised to know that Whatsapp has an active user base of 1 billion. Or we can safely say that Whatsapp has more active users than Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter put together. Does that answer the question we raised in the previous section/ So, can you now see the potential of Whatsapp as a marketing tool? And if given a choice, will you not go for a Whatsapp marketing software to boost your business?

The ease of sending and receiving images and videos on Whatsapp makes it an ideal marketing tool. The speed with which you can connect with your customer and exchange information on Whatsapp is far ahead of other social media platforms.

Have you tried making groups on Whatsapp and adding like-minded people in them? And like-minded here does not only mean sharing the same interests, it could be your potential customers or buyers also, who would share an interest in your products or services.

And the best part is it is not very time-consuming. Imagine putting some information and getting an instant reply. Many businesses have already started using Whatsapp to inform their customers about new arrivals or events.


You don’t want to feel restricted while pushing your marketing campaigns. You want to design and distribute information pertaining to your business in the way you feel will give maximum results. 

Bulk Whatsapp Sender helps you in doing exactly that. It is a third party Whatsapp marketing software. You have no character limit and you can freely send images and videos so you don’t feel constrained while passing the message across. 

Since most of your target customers are using Whatsapp, it is an ideal tool to give a personal touch to all your marketing campaigns.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender has many features. The first and foremost being able to send messages in bulk. Apart from that, you can search out most active numbers from your contact list. You can send text, images, videos and audios.

You can create and upload the list of your potential clients who are using WhatsApp and store it so that you can send bulk messages anytime.

You can create and upload the list of your potential clients who are using WhatsApp and store it so that you can send bulk messages anytime.

Different versions of this Whatsapp marketing software are available to suit every system like Android, iPhone, windows phone and pc.

The key to success in business is keeping up with the latest technology and adopting it in a way which gives you the best results. And using a technology, which has a high probability of boosting your conversion rates is the wise thing to do.

Whatsapp marketing software Bulk Whatsapp Sender is the in thing. This will not only increase your productivity but will also increase your market reach manifold. And its ease of usage saves you considerable time too.

Why Buy Whatso?

It is high time you start using Whatsapp as a marketing tool and started implementing your marketing campaigns through Bulk Whatsapp Sender.

Whatso has become one of the most sold tools and has been sold more than 25,000 times because of the huge need in the market for Whatsapp marketing. Moreover, Whatso is used almost by all category of businesses such as Restaurant, Hotels, Real Estate, Institute, IT Companies, Grocery Shops Beauty Parlours, Big Businesses such as Pharma Companies, Chemical Companies, etc as it provides a free demo for download too. One of the main reason for the success of Whatso is it’s simple to use interface and great price. WhatsApp has not developed its own software for marketing & so there are many third-party vendors such as Whatso, taking care of the bulk messaging needs of the market.

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