In this post, I’m going to Analysis Whatso VS Trueline Solutions to the test.

Since 2015, WhatsApp has been on our favorite messaging app list.  As years pass through, the app has introduced features like payment, video call, voice call, catalog, business account, etc. These features made a great impression in the minds of business owners, especially of small-scale businesses and those at their initial stage. It is because they are the ones most exposed to funding issues.

However, WhatsApp is a boon for all businesses across the globe. There are some Innovative ideas for smart marketing through WhatsApp  It acts as a cheap and best marketing channel that helps you spread your roots among your customers. WhatsApp is a messaging app with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users around the world.

Although this is the scenario, only extensive scale marketing is going to be effective. If not, it can bring losses and not gains. Many smart and powerful software are available in the market. Choosing the best is a bit confusing task. Here, let’s analyze Whatso VS Trueline Solutions in detail.


It is a WhatsApp marketing software and documentation that is currently becoming a trendsetter among businesses. It is designed for small-scale businesses such as restaurants, real estate companies, etc.

Features of  Whatso:-

  • Compactable: Whatsapp marketing software and bulk SMS sender is highly compactable to send bulk SMS and is a perfect fit for almost all operating systems Windows XP, Vista, etc.
  • Speed: It works in turbo fast speed mode. This feature helps the users to send messages instantly. It can save time as it does not require to go through the individual chat windows.
  • Number filter: It is a peculiar feature to filter out the clients in multiple groups. This facility keeps the clients happy. Receiving the same message in different groups may annoy them.
  • Easy to use: You can send the same message to multiple contacts. It also allows you to send messages even to unsaved numbers.
  • Customized messages: Users can customize message notes according to their requirements. You can add a personal touch to the content and make your clients understand how precious they are.
  • Free trial: Whatso provides a free trial option. It is a golden chance for those who purchase it.
  • Anti-blocking feature: This is another attractive feature of whatso.
  • Affordable plans: Whatso offers four different proposals at an affordable price. You can choose the one which suits you the best.


It is a WhatsApp business marketing software that provides WhatsApp sender and autoresponder tool. The various features of this software include:

Features of  Trueline Solutions:-

  • Auto reply: this software offers an auto-reply facility, by which you can reply to them privately whenever you are busy or not in a mood to be disturbed.
  • Multiple contents: You can text, images, and documents to the customers. It can improve your bonding with them.
  • Import and export feature: It imports as well as exports contact lists with names and number information.
  • Unlimited messages: Numbers of messages sent to a customer is not limited. It can/cannot harm you. It depends on how you use it.
  • Schedule sending: Multilanguage function and schedule sending keep more updated in the marketing fields.

Now it is your turn. Analyze the features and choose the best marketing tool for your business.

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