WHATSO vs WappBlaster : Which One is Best for Your Business?

In this post, I’m going to put  WHATSO vs WappBlaster to the test.

A wide variant of software and apps are breaking their shells every day. Out of these, 50 percent adds value to our life, whereas the other 50 percent will be very complicated and are not user-friendly.

WhatsApp is one such app introduced in 2009. The initial stage of the app was a period of slow growth. It took around six years to get through this stage and became the most popular messaging app by 2015. Today, WhatsApp is a crucial platform used for marketing.

Every business has its own unique business marketing techniques, which help to establish itself in a particular industry.  The common factor in this is the methods to reach the people. Although each business has a different set of audiences, WhatsApp is a powerful tool that can spread its roots to any generation, from baby boomers to Generation Z.

However, only 256 people can receive a message at a time in a WhatsApp group or broadcast. It is a stumbling block when observed from a marketing point of view. There comes software like Whatso and WappBlaster into the frame. Let us see these in detail and understand their role in marketing. and WhatsApp marketing software documentation and pricing plan.

Whatso is a marketing software mainly focused on bulk WhatsApp marketing and SMS marketing software. It is a great help for businesses, significantly for small businesses. It is because it provides a free trial and is affordable. As we all know, marketing is inevitable for a business in its beginning stage. Whatso aids those entrepreneurs by providing easy marketing techniques which they can afford by their capital.

Highlighted Merit of Whatso.

  • Bulk Messaging.
  • The Anti-blocking feature: It helps in smooth working while marketing and is the only software with this feature.
  • Customized messages are sent to the customers to adhere to the business/ service.
  • Supports All Multimedia Formats: Shoot your messages in any format such as text, images, videos, audios, and vCard files.
  • Whatso also offers SMS, voice, and email channels for marketing.
  •  It can also send messages to unsaved contacts.
  • Multilanguage support & free trial.
  •  Fast working and regular updates are the other heeding features of this software.
  • Windows support & training is provided via documents and live online interactions.

WappBlaster is another software used for WhatsApp marketing. They are easy to use and are an advanced tool that contributes to the growth of your business. It is adaptable for any scale of business. i.e., small, medium, and large. It mostly helps educational institutes, software companies, digital marketers, etc.

Windows version is available, and training is provided via documents and live online interactions. Multilanguage support, mass texting, and polling are their additional features.

Comparing Whatso and WappBlaster, both have their own features and drawbacks. However, Whatso keeps an edge over WappBlaster by providing a free trial option. This feature supports the users to get an experience before making the payment. It is also an opportunity to choose the one with which they are comfortable. Anti-blocking is another golden feature that adds shining to its services.

Now it’s your turn. Think and choose the best one for your business.

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