WhatsApp Marketing Software for Bioethics


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Bulk WhatsApp Sender for Hotel & Restaurant

Bulk WhatsApp Sender is very cost-effective for Bioethics.


  • Highest Reach

The average person’s looks at their phones 150 times per day


  • Highest Open Rate

Mobile phone users have their phone within arm's reach 14 hours per day


  • Low Investment & High Returns

Promotional WhatsApp Marketing campaigns are opted out less than 5% of the time


How the WhatsApp Marketing Software Can Strengthen Your Hotel & Restaurant sales?


Whether you're a small or large restaurant you'll be constantly searching forward to enhancing your service to a client engaged together along with your business on an everyday basis. Due to the intense competition growing in this aggressive market, there may be an important need for an effective marketing tool to make your business reach out to a wider audience. Out of all of them available modes of marketing, Bulk WhatsApp Sender for Hotel & Restaurant Industry is the maximum profitable and suitable medium to spread awareness about attractive offers and deals, coupon codes, exclusive offers during festive time, reward loyal customers, manage orders in an easy and hassle freeway.


WhatsApp Marketing Software for Restaurants is the perfect marketing channel to build a loyal clientele and expand your customer base in a budget-friendly manner. If you are from the Hospitality sector looking for Bulk SMS for resorts or hotels, then connect with our services. We SMS Connect are authorized Bulk SMS aggregators providing Premium bulk SMS services for Hotels and Restaurants to our customers all over India. With our bulk SMS service for hotels, you can send your promotional messages to millions of people with just a single click and get many leads in return. Many clients over the years have been benefitted by availing of our Bulk SMS services, which has helped them improve their business with a high return on investment. There is so much the hotel and restaurant industry can do with a Bulk WhatsApp Sender Service.


How Hotel & restaurants can use WhatsApp Marketing Software for Marketing?


• Brand awareness and promotion

Send your customers an SMS about new offers and deals that they can utilize within a time period. Creating content like hurry-up content like this drives more customers to your business as they won’t miss the opportunity to get that offer.


• Creating Polls

One of the finest ways of engaging customers is by conducting a poll. Use the information you collect and they are your remarketing Audience’s


• Promoting your new dishes

You can promote new dishes by exclusive deal’s and using some catchy slogan’s you can promote it. Send regular updates to your customers and become the talk of the town.


• Boost sales through Smart SMS

Send Location targeted geo analytical Promotional Messages to the audience who are in real-time near your locality to improve your lead conversion rates.


• Reminders and Updates

Send Order Booking, Tracking ID, Delivery Status, Payment Updates, and reservation reminder messages thereby enhancing the customer’s user experience.


• Customers Feedbacks

Get real-time feedback from your customers about your dishes and services to improves their quality and understand more about your customer needs


Benefits of using Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software for Hotels and Restaurants:

• Great return on investment (ROI)

• Cost-effective

• Great reach

• Instant success