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Create WhatsApp links to place on your Website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or GMAIL profile and bio description. Send a WhatsApp message without adding a contact.

  • Works on Android & iPhone.
  • Simple Copy & Paste
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Example: Hello, Can you please provide me more information?
Enter your phone number and the message you want your customers to see when they contact you.

Create Your Free WhatsApp Link!

  • Get your customer's phone number. Use Whatso software to then make the most of WhatsApp Marketing by establishing a more direct communication with them!
  • You can share the created link on your Instagram Bio, Facebook's newsfeed, or on Twitter.
  • The link works both on Android as well as iPhone. It works on WhatsApp web version too.

How to send WhatsApp message without saving contact?


Enter Phone Number

Just type your mobile number without country code in the above section.


Type Message

Enter the default message that you want to be auto-filled when your user clicks on the link.


Share links

Get your WhatsApp link and share it via your website, emails, social media channels.

Generate Customised WhatsApp Links In A Single Click!

Looking to generate a personalized WhatsApp link to share with your social media audience? Your wait is over. Take over your audience with Whatso’s WhatsApp link generator.

Just click on the link and your customers will be able to reach you. Yes - without saving numbers!

The instant messaging App – WhatsApp; which is used by an insane number of people every day is our go-to rescue to connect with our friends, families, and clients. Right from sharing videos, media to audio messages. Now, we can send WhatsApp messages without saving a number by generating a WhatsApp link!

When you send a WhatsApp message in bulk, it can be challenging to store all the numbers. In such cases, one might wonder, how to send WhatsApp messages to unsaved numbers? The answer is very simple, Whatso’s link generator.

With Whatso’s link generator you can connect to your customers without saving their numbers.

How to generate a link through Whatso’s link generator?

To generate a customized WhatsApp link - follow the simple steps given below;

Open your browser and head to Whatso

Now, enter your phone number. Please remember to enter the correct country code.

Now, enter the default message that you would like your customers to see.

After this, click on ‘GET LINK’

That’s it, copy-paste the link and use it to woo your customers like never before!


The link by Whatso’s WhatsApp link generator is totally free.

If WhatsApp is active in your country, this link will work.

If there is any bug or issue related to the link, you can contact us at hi@whatso.net

Yes, you can use WhatsApp Link Generator for your hobby projects as well for any commercial purpose without any attribution.

Yes, this tool is completely secure, We are not storing any of your data from WhatsApp Link Generator.

Sometimes, notably on a desktop or laptop, when a user clicks on a WhatsApp link the browser will open a new tab where the user is asked if they want to send a message to a particular WhatsApp number. This is how WhatsApp keeps the link secure for users, so if this is happening on your link you can rest assure it is working faultlessly.