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WhatsApp Solutions

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Features
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WordPress Integrations

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Features

Bulk messaging

Boost your revenue by synchronising your customer data automatically with Whatso to send Bulk messages.

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Abandoned Cart Recovery

Win your lost customers back by sending WhatsApp messages automatically to recover the abandoned cart.

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Click to Chat

A simple tool to create a WhatsApp button on your website. Visitors can reach out to you for resolving sales & support queries.

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Order Notifications

Website owner & customer gets a WhatsApp for all successful orders.

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Whatsapp Message API
Just enter a valid mobile number and select the correct country code and hit the send button.
Try out automated WhatsApp!

Experience an online demo like never before! Want to test out our Whatsapp Message system? Enter a valid mobile number and select the correct country code and hit the send button. Voila! Your message will be successfully sent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a receipt after purchase? Do I get a GST invoice?
We provide receipt to each and every user for purchase of Whatso software. Once you make the payment, you just need to enter your company details and go to the download section to view or save your receipt.
What kind of data privacy do you provide?
Whatso desktop software does not save any of your private data such as contacts, WhatsApp login details, or any of your private conversations. It is 100% desktop software and only connects the server for login purposes.
Do you provide phone support?
We receive thousands of visitors every day. A large number of visitors ask us to provide phone support which is practically not possible. As a result we provide support through Chat during 10-18:00 IST hours and email support. You can email us on
Do you provide API?
Whatso is a desktop-based application. Messages are sent using your own PC and your own WhatsApp account. As a result, we don’t provide any API as of now. However, if you have a plan to integrate WooCommerce of Shopify, please drop an email to us on and we might help you out with integration.
Whatso is not able to send the messages. What should I do?
we suggest you to download the latest version of the software if you are not not able to send the messages or if the software is not working. We suggest you to upgrade your Chrome version and keep it latest also.

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