Pay Per Conversation, Not Per WhatsApp Message

Each WhatsApp Conversation is a 24 hour window where you can send unlimited messages. Below are per conversation charges to be paid directly to WhatsApp.

Note: We do not charge anything extra per message. Directly pay WhatsApp charges.

If your country is not mentioned above, refer to this document, price rate in USD, price rate in INR

Business-Initiated Rates
User-Initiated Rates
Per Conversation
1000 Conversation
Per Conversation
1000 Conversation
Rs 0.49/message/user /24hrs
Rs 490
Rs 0.29/message/user /24hrs
Rs 290
$ 0.0147/message/user /24hrs
$ 14.7
$ 0.0088/message/user /24hrs
$ 8.8
$ 0.0473/message/user /24hrs
$ 0.0142/message/user /24hrs
$ 0.0316/message/user /24hrs
$ 0.0190/message/user /24hrs
$ 0.0732/message/user /24hrs
$ 0.0220/message/user /24hrs
$ 0.0500/message/user /24hrs
$ 0.0300/message/user /24hrs
$ 0.0516/message/user /24hrs
$ 0.0310/message/user /24hrs

Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator for our Marketing Software

WhatsApp has a massive 90%+ open rate and so is the best channel to communicate with your customers. Check out below on how it can tremendously increase your revenue.

Message Cost

Calculate the amount you will spend by sending below quantity of messages.

WhatsApp to Country
WhatsApp Sent
Price per WhatsApp ()
Total Cost


Calculate the amount you can earn by sending above quantity of messages.

WhatsApp Sent
Order Conversion Rate(%)
Avg. Order Amount
Total Earnings
By sending messages each month, you will generate a massive income of /year

Customer Appreciatoin for our WhatsAppTM Marketing Tool



“We had been trying to tap into the WhatsApp Official API solution for a while now. However, the technicalities of setting up the product from scratch was a huge challenge for us.... That's when we came across Whatso's whitelabel solution. With a minimum initial investment that we made, the returns are insane. Plus, the product is so well made and is no doubt a viable business solution for years to come.” Read more

The Digital Walrus

“Whatso is hands down one of the best product I've seen till date. I am in love with their easy user interface and the detailing of their features. Their support staff is nothing ... but amazing and it is rare to find such gems in the market who care about your concerns and are working hands on to fix any issue you face. Plus, their blogs and training videos on YouTube are a game changer. I highly recommending working with Whatso.” Read more

SD Media

“Our business requires us to reach out to our customers on a daily basis. We take pride in our customer service and ever since we took in Whatso's whitelable solution, things ... have changed for the better. We have been able to achieve better results in terms of branding and also been able to create a loyal customer base that regularly looks forward to our new launches. We recently floated a survey using their software and we got more than 10,000 responses on the same. All in all, we are very happy with this purchase” Read more

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Do you provide a receipt for the payment?
Yes, receipts are provided after payment. You will be able to enter your company details & be able to download the receipt.
What Languages are supported? Does Whatso support Emojis?
Whatso supports all languages supported by Whatsapp including emoji's & smiley's to create impact for your content.
I have more questions. Where do I contact?
You can reach us by sending an email on We will try our best to reply to you within 24-48 working hours.

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