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The most powerful, easy, fast, and affordable bulk SMS sender software.

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Get power of bulk WhatsApp Sender and SMS Marketing in a single software. Works in 100+ countries.
Latest version released on: Feb 25, 2021.

Whatso is a comprehensive Bulk SMS Marketing software that increases your revenues and sales through massively powerful SMS deliveries across the globe. It has rich features like Bulk SMS, Campaigns Scheduler, & Campaigns Management.

There is no additional monthly usage charges for software to send SMS. You only pay for the SMS used by you. We have the same SMS price even for customers sending small number of SMS.

We don't limit you to use only our SMS provider. You can use any SMS provider of your own local country or choose any of your own preference. Just email us with your local SMS provider credentials and we will integrate it for you free of cost.

How Whatso SMS Marketing Works?


Import Phone Numbers

Import numbers by copy-paste or from any of your existing file such as CSV or Excel.


Create Message / Campaign

Prepare your personalized SMS which you want to send for bulk SMS marketing.


Send SMS

Click on send or schedule SMS for sending it on a later date-time.

One Message Can Convert Your Potential Customers Into Clients!

SMS Marketing Software Features

Send 1000's Of SMS

Blast SMS to large number of users with just a few clicks.

Customized SMS

Send personalized SMS with receiver's name and custom fields.

Manage Contacts

Import, manage & segment thousands of customers.

Advanced Features

Bulk SMS, Campaigns Scheduler, & Campaigns Management.

Customized Sender ID

Use your own business name as sender ID for sending SMS.

Highest SMS Delivery

Our infrastructure is optimized for reliable global delivery at any scale.

Choose Transactional SMS or Promotional SMS as per your business needs.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is used for sending promotions & offers to new and existing customers. Typically can be sent during day time only from 9AM to 9PM.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS route can be used for sending transactional SMS such as OTPs and order alerts to your registered users. These SMS can be sent 24x7.

SMS Pricing Calculator

SMS to Country
SMS Credits
Price per SMS ()
Total Price

Unlimited Validity

Your SMS credits are valid for lifetime.

160 Character's SMS

In a single SMS, you can send upto 160 characters.

Simple Flat Pricing

Our pricing is simple and straightforward.

Promotional SMS

Send marketing SMS as per your local rules.

Schedule SMS

You can schedule SMS 10 days in advance.

Detailed Reporting

Get detailed reporting about sent & undelivered.

Worldwide Coverage

Send messages to 100+ countries across the world.

Taxes Included

Total prices shown above includes all tax.

Note: Purchase of Whatso software is required for sending SMS. Purchased SMS can only be sent via Whatso Software.

Whatso Pricing Plans


  • Software is valid for a year only on a single PC with this plan.
  • Yearly Renewal
  • 1000 Messages / Day
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • SMS Marketing Software
  • +More (Visit Pricing)


  • Software is valid for lifetime on a single PC with this plan.
  • Lifetime Validity
  • Unlimited Messages / Day
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • SMS Marketing Software
  • +More (Visit Pricing)


    Software is valid for lifetime on multiple PC with this plan.
  • Unlimited PC Lifetime License
  • Unlimited Messages / Day
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • SMS Marketing Software
  • +More (Visit Pricing)

Source-Code, Reselling, & White Label Plan

Are you looking to resell the Whatso software? We have total 2 pricing plans for people interested in getting the source code and reselling it.

You can start your own business or increase your revenue by reselling our Whitel Label plans.

Source-Code Plan

With the source-code plan, this 2 in 1, whatsapp & SMS marketing tool is provided with complete source code. You will get full unencrypted soure-code as well as unlimited reselling rights. You can use Whatso software on unlimited number of PC's too. You have to modify the code if you want to resell by any other name or logo.

White-Label Software Plan

Whatso is available with White-Label Plan in which we remove our brand logo and name and replace it with your company name and logo. You can upload your logo, name, and other details online and the software shall be made available to you immediately for you to resell it to your customers and start your own business.


  • Note: This whatsapp sender software pricing plan is valid for lifetime on multiple PC. You get source code & resell rights to earn money.
  • Whatso Full Source Code
  • Unlimited PC & Reselling License
  • WhatsApp Marketing Software
  • SMS Marketing Software
  • +More (Visit Pricing)


  • Note: This pricing plan is valid for lifetime on multiple PC. Upload your logo and name to modify the software & resell Whatso with your company name immediately.
  • Whatso Source Code & White Label
  • Unlimited PC & Reselling License
  • WhatsApp Marketing Software
  • SMS Marketing Software
  • +More (Visit Pricing)

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with Whatso Software?

Whatso is building a comprehensive customer communication platform. It provides businesses to communicate with their users using WhatsApp & SMS.

What is the future roadmap for Whatso Software? Are all update's free of cost?

The software is continuously evolving and it will have integrations with WordPress, Shopify, FB messenger, Instagram, Mailchimp etc in future. All the updates to existing customer shall be free of cost.

I want to integrate my SMS Provider with Whatso. Can I do it for free?

Yes, Whatso is building a customer communication platform and we will integrate your local SMS provider with Whatso free of cost. Just send us an email at hi@whatso.net and we will integrate your SMS provider.

I want telephonic support. Where should I call?

There is no telephonic support available due to high demand. The website lists all possible information and if you still have any question, you can email us on hi@whatso.net.

Can I buy SMS without buying Whatso Software?

SMS purchase without buying Whatso software is not allowed.

I have a MAC. Can I use Whatso?

As of now, Whatso only supports Windows PC. MAC is not supported.

Can I resell Whatso?

Yes, you can definitely resell Whatso Software. We provide complete source-code as well as White label version for you to resell the software.

Bulk SMS Marketing - Why Should you use Whatso?

Well, marketing is tough. When there are tons of competitors in the market using the same tools and techniques to achieve the same ground root results, it becomes difficult to survive in the market and drive in traffic to your business. But, what if we tell you that you can cancel out all the competition and choose a track which is highly effective yet unexplored? Most importantly, the track is free from competitors as many of your co-business ventures have still not eyed this aspect of communication?

No, this is not a far fetched dream but something that has lost its essence over time. It’s something you browse through all the time to view important notifications about your purchase and orders. It’s not your email or some unexplored social media platform. It’s your plain-old SMS. SMS Marketing is one of the most unexplored paths that you can take towards marketing. If your audience is large and is distracted by tons of other marketing mechanisms used by your competitors, bulk messaging might be a great way-out from this cut-throat competition.

With SMS Marketing, you can not only directly address your customers through just the click of your fingers, but also achieve real results which speak in terms of numbers and large business turnovers. However, when boiling down to this mechanism, there are few questions one might ponder upon. Answering all these questions, we will also give you tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd and achieve great results to convert your potential customers into paid clients.

What Is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Let’s start from the basics. What is bulk SMS marketing? - Bulk SMS marketing is a method of targeting your customers through the click of your fingers. One message is sent to a large number of the audience only by inputting their phone numbers. This helps you, as a business enterprise to message in bulk and also saves on a lot of time, energy and money. We offer a free trial, You can try out the free version.

Bulk SMS marketing is a way to communicate with a wide range of customers using mobile technology. With a wholesale SMS marketing service, your business message can reach thousands of potential customers in and around the world with special offers and discounted prices, delivering your message to their back pocket. You're able to create the message that you wish to communicate with your customers and deliver it the way you know it will see them!

Amongst many tried and tested marketing services, bulk SMS messaging software is regarded as highly beneficial, both in terms of return and results. Whatso bulk SMS marketing service not only helps you to ace SMS marketing but also helps you bridge the gap between industry-defining innovations and also provide information merging and online address book server.

How Can I Send Bulk SMS Through Marketing?

The easiest and most convenient way to send bulk SMS through marketing is by utilising Whatso SMS bulk messaging software. With this, everything gets automated and all you need to do is follow certain given steps and guidelines to set forth your smooth sailing journey in SMS marketing.  To make things easier for you, follow the given steps and ease out your working process:

Step 1: With the help of Whatso’s Software, upload your entire contact list. After this, you can draft the message you wish to send to your targeted customers.

Step 2: After you are done finalising and drafting your message, you can now hit the send button. Sit back and relax as your message reaches your potential customers with a 100% guarantee.

Step 3: Want to track how successful your bulk SMS marketing campaign was? Track the same using Whatso’s reports and analytics.

How Do I Start A Bulk SMS Business?

The best way to start a bulk SMS business is to subscribe to SMS bulk messaging software like Whatso.

Whatso is available with Reseller plan to help you start your bulk SMS business. You just have to buy the Reseller version and modify it as per your requirement. Now you can market it to your own customers and can earn 100% of profits.

With the Whatso Software, all your customer need to do is plan their message and hit the send button while all the other technicalities are handled by the software. However, there are certain things to keep in mind to make this a success. The content. How should your content be?

Be A Story Teller: A story told well, sells well. The basic agenda of marketing these days is connecting with the audience on an emotional level and conveying your brand message and story. With no limits or conditions to your words, you can write the story you wish your customers to read. However, we suggest keeping your message short as this helps to keep the reading span alive.

Personalise: Customise and personalise your message by adding the personal details of your customer through bulk SMS messaging software. A personalised message helps you to connect easily with your audience and increases the chances of conversion as well.

Conversational: Nobody likes reading boring text messages. Plan your message in a way that your customers engage in the conversation through the bulk SMS messaging software. More the conversation, more the chances of conversion.

How Can I Send Bulk Messages For Free?

There are many ways to send a bulk message for free through SMS messaging softwares. However, today we will discuss the steps to send bulk messages for free through India’s best bulk SMS messaging software service called Whatso. Follow the steps given below to get your free bulk SMS messaging started:

  • Draft your message to be sent through bulk SMS free apps.
  • Add recipients by selecting the number from your contacts.
  • Type the message you want to send to your target customers in the message box.
  • Preview your message & hit the send button! It's that simple.

Using SMS bulk messaging services have their own benefits and is highly recommended for small businesses who have a target audience of a large crowd and wish to cut some slack in terms of the competition these businesses face in the market. You can not only use this service in India but also use this service anywhere around the world. If it’s bulk SMS software, it’s Whatso.

What are you waiting for?