WordPress plugin to chat with visitors through WhatsApp

A simple to use click-to-chat WhatsApp widget for you to convert your visitors into customers. Resolve customer's sales and support queries now through WhatsApp.


Improve customer service with Click to Chat WhatsApp plugins

If you want your business to succeed, you need to generate leads to then convert them into clients. And the first step to convert those leads is to deliver outstanding customer service. When users want to buy online, sometimes they want to contact you and ask you something about the product or service.

If you’re smart, you can take that opportunity to save visitors’ email addresses and add them to your email list. Then you can offer them discount coupons, recommend blog posts, and so on. You can do this using pop-ups, or you can go a step further and use WhatsApp chat plugins to generate more leads and increase your sales.

Why use Click to Chat WhatsApp Plugins?

Nowadays, shoppers buy online because it’s fast and easy. And when they have questions, they want answers fast. They don’t want to fill in a contact form and wait hours or even days for a reply. It’s already hard to make visitors come to your site, so when they do you should make the most of that opportunity. That’s why it’s key to provide them with live chat customer support. That way, your visitors will get instant replies and you’ll increase your conversions.

So, if you want to improve your customer experience and boost your sales, WhatsApp chat plugins are your best choice! There are many good tools out there. But, in this post, we’ll show you the ones that are a step ahead of the rest.

Absolutely Free WordPress plugin for Click to Chat with WhatsApp!

Onboard a click-to-chat WhatsApp widget on your site and boost your customer support system tenfold.

Your WhatsApp support is just a click away. This simple tool helps you to display your or your teams account in just one widget. This tool will display a list of WhatsApp accounts on your site and when you click on them, the user will be redirected to your WhatsApp account. It doesn’t matter if the user is active on a mobile version or a desktop version, the user will be redirected to their most convenient spot of operation.

What is Click to Chat?

Click to Chat is a simple WordPress plugin that when installed places a floating icon/text on your website (right bottom corner). Visitors can click this icon and they will be redirected to their WhatsApp account with your number selected. Thus visitors will be able to chat with you over WhatsApp and you can provide them answers to their sales & support queries.

Is this plugin 100% free?

Click to Chat – Whatso is a 100% free plugin. All the advanced features are also available with the free version. No need for you to buy any advance version of Click to Chat.


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Plugin Features

This is what you get when you install this plugin for your website;

Display Single or Multiple Accounts

Have a large crew to show off? Worry not, we have got you covered. This tool will help you display each member account along with their names and designation in a pretty looking box. Your visitors will know who they are talking to and can get in touch with your executives with just a simple click.

Schedule visibility of Widget as per your convenient date & time

If you are human, you can’t be available to your customer 24x7. However, the good news is, you can still be honest with them and let them know, you’ll be back to attend to their queries very soon. This tool helps you to set availability to each of your displayed accounts on your website. When your executives are unavailable, the widgets will be hidden. Never let your customers down. This plugin helps you play it smart and be a complete Rockstar in your customer’s eye.

Set Appearance as per your website theme

With this tool, you can now customize the color’s and text to your website theme. No off-colored buttons on your website. Make your text feel home and draw those eyes with a power-packed CTA button that they can’t resist but click.

Button to place widget on your WooCommerce Product Page

This tool will help you show a call button both before and after your user adds a product to their cart. Very similar to a floating widget, you will be able to randomize, limit and pin account for product page buttons.

Multi-lingual Support  - WPML

Do you have a multilingual site? That’s not a problem as these tools will help you here as well. With the WPML string translation module, you can now set the text in each of these languages. Furthermore, you can hide or show based on the currently viewed language of your user. So, with this tool onboard, language is no longer a barrier.

Show or Hide Widget on specific pages of your website

You can target the page site you wish your customers to see the WhatsApp box in. Furthermore, you can also target a particular post of the section on your website for this box to appear.

Auto Display Feature To Grab Your Customers Attention During Inactive Sessions

A tiny widget at the corner of your screen will not be enough to grab your customers attention. By implementing this tool, you can now grab your customers attention by auto displaying itself on the main window to give a little nod to your customers.

Text Prompting Feature

Get some pre-printed text to ease out your customer’s work and get straight to the point. An icebreaker is always a good option, isn’t it?

Link Your Content Using Short codes

With a simple short code, you can now showcase a contextual WhatsApp account that refers to your business partners, friends and family.

GDPR Compatibility

To comply with the guidelines of GDPR, a confirmation box for consent is provided. Companies that are based in or working from the EU will need to comply with these guidelines strictly.

Pin Accounts

While randomization of accounts is definitely an option, you can pin your account to the top as well. As we already said, the choice remains yours, always.

Limit Displayed Accounts

Last but not the least, you can limit the number of accounts displayed. If there are tons of accounts to choose from, keep the most prominent one’s displayed and hide the rest. This makes the scanning process for your users easier as well. Limit the choices, create a greater customer experience.

WhatsApp support channel is not just effective but worth it. Get this plugin and enjoy a lifetime of free updates. Happy WhatsApping.

Why download a nulled version of WhatsApp click to chat plugin when we provide it 100% absolute free.

There are many premium plugins available in market for WhatsApp click to chat. They provide few features in free version and expect users to buy their paid version. And so users are forced to search for a nulled version of the software. Majority of the nulled hosting website are full with malware and viruses and as a result can harm the PC of the person downloading the plugin.

Hence, we created Whatso Click to Chat WhatsApp plugin that provides with all the premium features inbuilt it and that too 100% absolutely free.