Complete WhatsApp Marketing Software Documentation.

Get common answers about Our Software issues, errors, installation, code compiling and other information about Whatso Application.

Last Updated: 01 jan 2021

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Table of Contents

  1. What is Whatso CRM?
  2. Who is Whatso for?
  3. What are the main advantages of Whatso?
  4. What are the main features of Software?
  5. Why should you use Whatso?
  6. How to install Whatso?
  7. How to use Whatso?
  8. Advanced Features
  9. Known Issue
  10. VB.Net Code Explanation (Whatso uses Microsoft VB.Net)
  11. Email

1) What is difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Marketing Software?

WhatsApp has officially launched a new app called WhatsApp Business in January 2018. It's a brand new app which is almost similar to the normal Whatsapp App but with different target audience in mind – its purpose is to connect small businesses with their customers, rather than friends and family. The app can be used for sending notifications, order information, special discount offers & such other information.

Our marketing tool is a desktop based software which allows you to send alerts & notification messages to your customers quickly. It is built using VB.NET on top of by using Selenium Browser Automation Software.

With Our WhatsApp Marketing Tool, you can easily share videos, images, and promotional offers, discounts, pdf, etc. to your customers in bulk. It can send custom messages with greetings such as receiver's name & can also send message to numbers not stored in the mobile.

It can easily help you to Build Engagement & Relationship with your users by sending personalized messages and build a lifetime relationship with them.


  • Microsoft VB.NET 4.5 -
  • Selenium Browser Automation -
  • .NET Framework 4.5 & above
  • Works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 & above
  • This software does not work on Mobile, Linux, Android, Apple Macintosh etc. devices and Operating Systems.
  • Use Visual Studio 2015 & above to modify the code. You can use free express edition.

2) Who is Whatso for?

Whatso is a marketing tool for small businesses. It can be used businesses such as coaching center, restaurants or a real estate company wishing to greet their customer with custom WhatsApp messages on customer's birthday's, anniversaries etc.

Whatso can easily send upto 5000 messages per hour per mobile number. So it becomes a very useful and fast tool for small businesses to pass on their offers and discounts to their customers.

Sending message by Whatso is free of cost so the Return on Investment on Our Software is very fast.

3) What are the main advantages of Whatso?

Billions of people are already using WhatsApp in their daily life. By using it for Business, you can bring a large number of traffic to your website. This will ensure that your business grows. Most of the target audience of businesses is already available on WhatsApp. Hence it makes sense to invest in software by purchasing Whatso.

4) What are the main features of Software?

  1. Create and send personalized messages with greetings to the end user or other “variables” directly from Whatso.
  2. Import contacts manually or from file (CSV or TXT).
  3. Send Whatsapp messages to contacts even if they are not saved in your address book.
  4. Automatically create multiple variations of the message to send to all contacts and avoid blocking of account.
  5. View full message sent report of the campaign after the messages are sent.
  6. Possibility to schedule the sending and set a delay between the messages to avoid to be banned.
  7. Grab all member of a Whatsapp group to contact them later.
  8. Create and send Whatsapp messages easily with offers, notifications & promotions.
  9. Bulk check of Whatsapp and non-Whatsapp phone numbers via numbers filter feature.

5) Why should you use Whatso?

Personal Use

Use Whatso for your personal business.


Use Whatso to resell the software to your client. Please use Extended license for reselling.

6) How to install WhatsApp Marketing Software?

If before installation you see the SmartScreen window, click on More Info –> Run AnyWay button to go on:

installation SmartScreen window

Use the installer to install the software. There is a portable solution also available for you if you do not want to install the software.

If you are using Windows 8 / 10, Right click the exe and run as adminstrator.

Whatso Setup Wizard

Click on the next button and continue to install for everyone on the PC. Again click and the installation will complete.

Select installation Folder

A Whatso icon will be created on your Desktop and Start Menu. Double click the icon to start the program. The software main screen will open and the software is ready for use.

Whatso software dashboard

7) How to use Whatso - WhatsApp Marketing Sender Pro?

Language Change

Click on "Tools" menu and click on "Language" option to change the language.

option to change the language

Import Numbers

Numbers can be added manually and imported. Click on software screen instructions to understand the steps. Don't forget to append country code in numbers.

Import Numbers

Send Message

Type your message in the message box in the center after you have selected the numbers.

Send Message

Once message is finalized, you can click on send button to send the message.

send button to send the message.

8) Advanced Features

Turbo Fast Speed Mode

Turbo Fast Speed Mode sends messages quickly without opening individual chat message in WhatsApp. The limitation of Turbo mode is that it will not work with Photos, PDF, Attachment and Tags.

Turbo Fast Speed Mode

Advanced Sending Settings

  • There are many settings such as "Familiar WhatsApp accounts" & "Messages Dictionary" to send to contacts you already know and have your number stored in their phones. Whatso sends them messages after every few interval. This way you can bypass the blocking.

Advanced Sending Settings

9) Known Issue

  1. If you are using an old version of Windows 7, you'll have to update your .NET Framework to version 4.5 from Microsoft Website. Link to the download is:
  2. Chrome Browser doesn't open Web Whatsapp when you use the software. This means that you should delete the WhatsApp messages from your account as your account is full.

10) VB.NET Code Explanation

Solution Explorer - Code

Open the code in Visual Studio. All VB Classes are in "Classes" folder. All "Forms" are in "Forms" folder.

The most important form is "FrmMain.vb" which is in the root folder. The rest of the code is self-explanatory. More tutorials are coming soon. For any explanation you can contact us on

Code Solution Explorer

11) Email

For any correspondence, please email to us on You can also email to discuss what you would like to change.